Yellowstone Horseback Riding and Camping Checklist

The following is a list (printable version) of suggested items for you to wear or carry in your duffel or saddlebag for a six-day horseback riding pack trip. We provide both the duffel and saddlebag. There is a strict 20 pound limit for the duffel bag (which will be carried by a pack animal) and includes your sleeping bag, but not your sleeping pad. The saddlebags will be tied to the back of your saddle where you will have access to any item in it during the ride in and out of camp. We Travel Yellowstone National Parkencourage you to bring unscented, biodegradable and environmentally friendly toiletry products.

Duffel Bag
____Camp shoes (sneakers)
____Waterproof shoes 
____Lightweight, compact sleeping bag (+5 to 0 degree rating, you will be warm)
____Inflatable open cell sleeping pad-full body length ( please consider very compact pads)
____Two (2) long-sleeved shirts
____Two (2) short-sleeved shirts
____One (1) heavy sweater or down vest
____One (1) change of pants
____Five (5) pairs of socks/underwear
____One (1) set of thermal underwear (not cotton)
____Bathing suit
____Towel and toiletries
____Personal flasks and goodies (No Breakable Bottles)
____Reading, writing or drawing materials
____Gaiters are great for early mornings, as the grass can be quite dewy

Saddle Bags
____Camera, batteries, film or cardHorseback Riding Pack Trips
____Hat with sun protecting brim
____Insect repellent
____Sunscreen/chap stick
____Polarized sunglasses
____Jack knife or multi-use tool
____Pepper Spray (optional but recommended)
____Headlight and extra batteries
____Toiletries that are breakable (use a zip lock bag)
____Moist towelettes
____optional *Personal water filter, straw or bottle top type or hydration pack (Camelback type)

Items lashed to your saddle
____Winter jacket, rain pants and rain jacket or long riding “Dusters” (NO Ponchos!)

*Please bring hardsided water bottles or hydration type pack.
*Sleeping pad will be packed with the camp gear, not in you duffel.
*Any fishing rods must be in hard cases.
*Please think about usefulness and lightweight when packing. If you need help in purchasing a warm, lightweight sleeping bag, we can order them for you from Kelty.

** This checklist was designed for a six day pack trip.  We provide the duffle bag at the trailhead for you to transfer your personal gear into for the pack trip.  "We do weigh the bags, so please be sure to have the proper gear and 20# limit."

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