Horseback Riding Day Trip Checklist

Travel Yellowstone National ParkThis checklist (printable version) suggests items to wear and bring on a Day ride in Yellowstone National Park. We encourage people to be prepared as weather conditions can change drastically. (Nothing is worse than being cold, wet and uncomfortable.) Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy your adventure. We provide saddlebags to carry gear and you will lash coats to your saddle.

____Riding or hiking boots with heel.
____Hat or cap with Brim for sun protection.
____Rain jacket and pants or “Duster” style coat (No ponchos!)
____Warm jacket
____Insect repellent
____Sunscreen and lip balm.
____Binoculars, spotting scope.
____Camera, film, extra batteries
____Toilet paper in zip lock bag (never hurts)
____Pepper spray (optional)
____Helmet for kids 14 and under.

We provide lunch and bottled water, if there is an additional food or drink item you wish to carry, feel free to do so.

*Please be physically and medically fit to mount and dismount your riding horse.  A 250# weight limit for all guests and of proper proportion.  Any prior riding to your adventure will be appreciated by our horses.


Yellowstone Activities Lunch Note

Lunch consists of a hearty sandwich, home baked cookies, trail mix, carrot sticks and a drink. We make sandwiches on whole grain breads and include meat, cheese, mustard, mayo, sprouts. If you are allergic to anything (nuts, dairy) or prefer vegetarian meals, please let us know and we’ll make a lunch to suit your needs. (pb&j is always an option too.)

* We encourage the use of environmentally friendly products.

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