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Yellowstone ActivitiesIf you are reading our menu, chances are you have booked a horse trip with us and are getting ready to learn what to expect on a Yellowstone back country adventure. One of the benefits of packing into the wilderness with horses is that we can pack in fresh foods. On an average size trip, we pack two coolers that keep our meats, dairy and fresh vegetables cold.  Each cooler weighs about 60 pounds.  Panniers are aluminum boxes that open up to provide a kitchen shelf- type system so that I can set up a kitchen area and keep our food in bear proof boxes that we hang from a pole at night. Each "kitchen" can weigh up to 99 pounds.  In addition to the coolers and "kitchens", we have been known to stash bottles of wine, bagels and oranges in Mike’s tent boxes.

If you have ever backpacked and carried your own dehydrated food on your back, you are going to be in for a treat! Our food is fresh and abundant. Of course, we do ration and count foods to insure that the weights are not over the horses limits and that there is enough to feed the group for the entire trip. For example, we count the bread and slices of cheese and meat for sandwiches, we estimate how many people will be eating certain foods based on the information clients give us about their preferences and allergies. Pleases keep in mind that when you respond to us concerning the menu; we will be making decisions about what to bring for your trip and that we cannot add or subtract items once we are one the trail.Camping Food in Yellowstone

Attached is a Sample menu that describes a week’s typical menu. Please let us know if you have any distinct dislikes or if you have an item you would really love to add. We can create a vegetarian menu if needed, let us know if you eat dairy products. Obviously, if there are foods you are allergic to, we need to know this as well. Over the years we have successfully fed Lactose intolerant guests, Kids with protein allergies (PKU), diabetics, non-dairy, low carb, and no carb,(to name a few.) Regardless of your eating habits, we can guarantee you that no food tastes better than when it is cooked on an open fire in Yellowstone’s wilderness!

Here is a sample of the types of food you will eat on a six day pack trip:


Each breakfast generally consist of a protein, carb, and fruit. We always have instant oatmeal on hand as an option.


Typical lunch snacks include, home baked cookies (snicker doodles, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, toffee bars, brownies,) carrot sticks, trail mix, and other snacks.




We do not pack in canned drinks such as beer or pop. It is bulky and tends to explode. 

Things to do in Yellowstone ParkABOUT KIDS

We understand that sometimes kids have foods that they eat more happily than others. We like to know if your kids have favorite kid meals. We can take along white bread, hotdogs, macaroni and cheese or whatever you know your kids will eat. Anything is possible but we need to know in advance.

Please use this space to let us know any specific concerns or comments you have regarding the menu, you may mail it back or email it to us at We look forward to cooking for you on your trip! 

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