Testimonials and Reviews

feed"This summer’s trip was pure pleasure. Really enjoyed the people, the weather and the route. Thanks again for the memories that never fade." - Scott

"Both of you are ambassadors for the great outdoors and those proud animals that get us there! Thanks again." - Phil and Chris

"Thanks so much for a wonderful trip." - Gene and Eleanor

"Thanks for a great time." - John

"You two are the best. Thanks for another GREAT trip!" - Kim

"We really enjoyed our ride in the Hayden Valley." - Sandee and Don

"Thanks for the great trip to the Thorofare and I look forward to my next pack trip with you." - Eric

water"As we shovel snow & work to stay warm, its fun to remember all the great trips we’ve had with you! We are looking forward to next year’s ride!" - Lyn and Bruce

"Thanks for a trip of a lifetime - we will never forget you." - Don

"Yes, the day we spent with you in Yellowstone was just great. It was the highlight of our 4 week trip to the Northwest. We often talk about that day and of how good and relaxed we all felt in your company, it was simply put a SUPER day...We all enjoyed it. The kids and I could have gone horseback riding again the next day…We were kinda proud of that" - Loui

happy"Believe me when I say there is no place like y’stone and nobody but nobody does it as good as you guys. We did a guest ranch the summer before, but we’ve never felt so at home as we have with you guys. Your easy hospitality, your organization, and the way you make it look so easy really set you apart in our eyes. Your food's good, too!" - Cheri and David

"Hi Mike, we did enjoy biking in Holland and the week in Paris but look back with the greatest fondness on our horsepack trip in Yellowstone with you and Erin. Several people have picked up on our enthusiasm for the Wilderness Pack Trip adventure and have asked for your web site, which I have given them. Hope something comes of it - especially for them as they will be missing the trip of a lifetime if they don't pursue it." - Don A.

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