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The Thompsons

Mike Thompson- Outfitter

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to go to work in the awe-inspiring backcountry of our first national park; Yellowstone. I feel I am realizing a mikelife long dream by living a lifestyle that includes the western traditions and ethics passed down to me by my ancestors.

I come from a long line of care-takers of the land. My Great Grandparents homesteaded in North Dakota. My Grandparents, parents and brothers have continued the ways of farming and ranching on the original farmstead that has been in the family for over 100 years. Whether the backyard is Yellowstone or the prairies of North Dakota, keeping the traditions of horses, outdoor living, and caring for the environment are an important part of my heritage.

Outfitting in Yellowstone allows me to use my formal education in Animal and Range Science as well as my life experiences. My goal is to share my dream; keeping the traditions of western heritage alive and to provide you with the best possible backcountry experience I can.

Erin Thompson Outfittererin

I enjoy that I can combine a lifetime of horse-handling experience with back country cooking and travel. I met Mike working as a camp cook for R.K. Miller. We married and purchased the pack trip business the same year. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a remarkable life. As our children grow older and travel Yellowstone’s wilderness with us, I realize it is about so much more than providing good food. We are raising the next generation of people that will understand why wilderness is important. We are sharing our unique family lifestyle with others who will be influenced by our standards.


(photo-back in the day)

Truman, now a licensed Yellowstone Guide, enjoys spending the spring and summer starting new horses and putting time on them. Manages the horses and hay at the place during the summer, as well as doing "drop-camps."  If he could paint his perfect life between the months of November and April, he would always be snowmobiling, when not raising his flock of purebred Dorset sheep for his Thompson Brothers Sheep Co. Add shooting sports that include; shotgun trap, muzzle loading, and cowboy action and you’ve got Truman.  Now owner/operator of Thompson Hay Company, custom haying, baling, and wildfire protection.

Augustus "Gus"

(another back in the day photo)

Gus is now the "Head Wrangler" on our backcountry trips. He shows interests in outdoor cooking; grilled meats are his specialty. Gus can fly fish with finesse and always with a smile on his face when he is casting. The winter months find Gus creating hand-made knives, refinishing and building guns, along with other artistic endeavors. Co-owner of Thompson Brothers Sheep Co., he raises purebred Suffolk sheep for show and meat. Gus is also active in shotgun trap, muzzle loading and cowboy action.  Also, partners with Truman in Thompson Hay Company.


I am 16 years old and really enjoy the food on the pack trips. My favorite meal is a steak and baked potato. I like riding “John the Mule” on the Waterfalls pack trip. I like sleeping in the tent, taking pictures, making stick-people, campfires and throwing rocks in the river. My favorite sports are baseball, basketball and bowling.



Cooks, Wranglers, Ranchers and Friends

Each season we have the good fortune of reuniting with long time friends and relatives that have katieworked with us on select trips. These men and women have become members of our family and we would miss them dearly if they didn’t join us on a trip.

It is amazing to us, that, as we continue to do what we love most, good people enter our lives and help us grow.

Katie Thompson


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