Yellowstone Captivation

fallsWhat is it about Yellowstone that keeps us captivated?

My first experience of Yellowstone was on a family vacation, when I was about 12 years old. Raised on the prairies of North Dakota where the highest point is 3500 ft., I had never experienced the mountains, only dreamed of the mountain man life through reading "Outdoor Life" and watching the "American Sportsman." I could not get enough of the outdoors and still can’t. There is nothing better than experiencing the outdoors; the weather elements, huge vistas and watching animals on their terms. We are just a small part in a larger scheme.

Finally, having the chance to work in the mountains as a guide/outfitter was a dream come true for me. After 25 seasons in Yellowstone’s Backcountry there is still that realization of "Wow", Yellowstone! There are still unseen places to ride, wildlife to watch in their natural habitats, sunrises and sunsets to unfold, stars to gaze, campfire stories to be told, and friends to meet and share this wonderful experience. Sharing all of this with family and friends makes Yellowstone a special place.

Yes, these are the elements that keep us captivated by Yellowstone.

Join us this summer or fall in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park!

Mike, Erin, Truman, Gus and Henry

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