Horseback Riding in Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Tours and Camping Trips

Join Licensed Outfitters, Mike and Erin Thompson for horseback riding, camping, fly fishing and tours of Yellowstone National Park. Celebrating over 26 years of providing horseback riding, camping and fly fishing tours in Yellowstone’s Backcountry, combined with riding over 20,000 miles of trails of Yellowstone trails, we are sure to provide you with a great adventure.

Whether it be a family horseback tour for the day or an extended camping pack trip, our Yellowstone activities include; fly fishing day trips, horseback tours riding through herds of buffalo and grand Yellowstone adventures with backcountry camping, fly fishing and horseback riding all within Yellowstone National Park. 

Our Yellowstone Tours and Camping Trips in the Media

"Best Field Trip Ever"- Beverly Magley, Montana Magazine

More of our media credits

  • Wolf Reintroduction Team
  • National Geographic Explorer
  • Travel Channel
  • Patrick Davidson - Award winning Photojournalist
  • Men's Journal Magazine


Licensed National Park Service Outfitter #YELL137-16